Electrical services

House re-wires

It is recommended that a house is re-wired at least every 25 years. This is because wiring can deteriorate over time and the upgrading and amendments to regulation (BS7671).
We can offer an on site qualified electrical engineer to visit and discuss your electrical requirements; we can also advise, explain and show you innovative electrical lighting and power solutions. Don't forget it makes sense to consider floodlights, extractor fans for bathrooms and kitchens, patio lighting, mains door bells at the same time.
Our approach is to get the whole package set out from the outset so that there are no surprise extra costs during installation.

Consumer units (fuse boards)

We specialise in installing new consumer units meeting the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations.
Properties need to be tested prior to changing the consumer unit. Any serious defects must be rectified prior to the new consumer unit being fitted. Once this has been done the consumer unit and the installation can be certified with NICEIC installation certificate and building control notified.

Testing & electrical reports

It is an electrical regulation (BS7671) that domestic dwellings be periodically tested and inspected at least evry ten years or change of tenency / owner.
We can carry out a thorough testing and inspection process on all existing circuits and provide you with a detailed NICEIC electrical report on the condition of the electrical equipment in your property. This includes home buyer's reports.
All reports come with estimates for any required remedial work.

Fault finding

We can diagnose and resolve most electrical problems quickly and then go on to fix the problem. If the problem is more complex we will discuss the options and implications with the customer prior to carrying out the work.

Low voltage lighting

Low voltage lighting has become very popular in recent years. Downlighters come in many shapes and sizes; we can match existing light fittings or install from new to your specification.
We recommend Aurora light downlights which are fire and acoustic rated incorporating intumescent material that completely seals the downlight in the event of a fire. These are now a requirement by Building Regulations Parts B & E in order to retain the fire and acoustic barrier.

One of the quirks of Part P of the Building Regulations is that in some cases the installation of 12 volt downlighters is notifiable. This appears strange but it's because 12 volt downlighters draw high currents and combined with the wrong choice of wire could lead to a fire.

Home electrical improvements

We can help with your needs from a small upgrade to a major piece of work including:
  • New sockets
  • New light fittings
  • Repositioning lights switches (often required when doors are reversed)
  • Under floor heating fully installed and tested (in liaison with other trades)
  • Extractor fans fitted to stop mould in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Lighting in flower beds and driveways
  • Preparing power supplies for electric gates
  • Video entry / audio entry systems
  • Communal lighting and power
We always make sure that we meet the appropriate regulation.
Call us on 0500 103543 to discuss your requirements.

Immersion element / heater and electrical heating

We specialise in replacement of immersion elements; top or bottom entry elements. We carry out all necessary plumbing to ensure that the correct element is fitted and installed to manufacturer recommendations. We stock most standard elements and Economy 7 timeclocks.
All properties differ in shapes and sizes - we can will visit and advise on electrical heating requirements, whether storage, panel heaters or underfloor heating. Whatever meets the needs of the customer.

Smoke, heat and optical fire alarm installation

We are able to supply and install smoke and fire alarm systems from a simple mains alarms with battery back-up through to a full maintained category 'A' monitored system.
We recommend the use of aico mains powered systems with rechargeable lithium cells. This eliminates the nuisance bleeping when batteries are low; a danger as people are tempted to remove the unit from the ceiling leaving the property unprotected.

GRADE A - A full system with control and indicating equipment installed to BS 5839.
GRADE D - Mains powered alarms with an integral stand-by power supply.

Call us on 0500 103543 to discuss your requirements.

Security lighting

Security lighting can be installed to discourage potential burglars since the lights make it hard to disguise their actions. This can also provide a welcome light to your property; we can even install driveway up lighters to lead you to your front door.
We can install mains and low voltage (PIR) sensors to control security lighting; the advantage of low voltage sensors is they can be run using thin wiring which is easy to install without disruption to property.

Security alarms & CCTV

We can supply and install burglar alarm systems - from the basic to the sophisticated. We can install speech diallers which contact up to three telephone numbers upon activation. The advantage of this is being made aware of an intruder when not at home. This allows you to inform the authorities or a neighbour.

CCTV can now be linked the internet so that you can have remote access to your system from anywhere in the world; even a mobile phone.

TV wiring & sockets

We can provide additional sockets with cabling neatly concealed. We run Sky approved cable neatly with the property unlike our friendly sky engineers!
We can install loft top boxes to distribute Sky tv, UHF (standard tv aerial) and FM (for radio) to a single outlet in each room. This allows the user to utilse all three services through one outlet.

Phone wiring & sockets

We can help with additional phone sockets or to move existing sockets to more convenient locations. New cabling neatly concealed.

Computer network wiring & sockets

Now that broadband is more common, it can make sense to install a Cat5e and Cat6 network to meet the needs of your family. Wired connections are much faster than wirelsss connection. We wil make sure the cabling neatly concealed.

Something else?

Feel free to call us on 0500 103543 if you can't find what you are looking for and want to discuss your electrical needs.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote provided by one of our local professional electricians.